Pongratz Consulting invited to join IML

Pongratz Consulting invited to join IML

We are please to announce that Pongratz Consulting has been asked to join IML (Innovativa Mindre Life Science Företag) as a supporting member.

Pongratz Consulting gather the communication and consulting activities of Fenix Scientific AB. The aim of Pongratz Consulting is to support companies, universities and authorities to participate in the European Research Area through the different EU funding possibilities are are currently available, primarely through Horizon 2020 projects, but also through Eurostars and other funding schemes.

For IML, Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting will provide advice and support for the different members to enter into the European Research area through different activities.

The members of IML are all research intensive SME active in the Life Science and Medical sectors. IML members are all investing in the future and are all committed to scientific excellence. IML closely interacts with the Health Care system to ensure that patients benefit from the latest scientific developments.

We are very happy and proud for the opportunity to directly interact with IML members and join this vibrant community.

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