Alternatives for antibiotics in the animal sector

Alternatives for antibiotics in the animal sector

By Ingemar Pongratz


The extensive use of antibiotics is closely connected to the ever growing number of antibiotics resistant bacterial strains. In fact, common bacteria which belong to the Prevotella family have acquired resistance to common antibiotic like penicillin. This bacterial family is closely connected to gum infections and over 30% do not respond to standard antibiotics like penicillin which is the first line treatment option. This rather common health problem  increasingly calls for new broader spectrum antibiotics.

Unfortunately, the list of resistant bacteria is still increasing and new strategies or new antibiotics are required in the future.

This disturbing trend has caused a great deal of public concern and Health agencies call for new research to identify new compounds for the future. The European Union has also declared the 18th of November its antibiotic awareness day to highlight the problem connected with antibiotic resistance.

However, a recent article in Science & Business highlights that there is a clear lack of coordination in the fight against antibiotic resistance in Europe and at the global stage. In addition, researchers point out that the objectives are vague and unclear.

In addition, the use of antibiotics in animals which are to be consumed as food has created bigger problems. Antibiotics are used as a Health Promoter in several markets and this more or less unrestricted use of valuable substances is adding to the problem. Alternatives for antibiotics in the animal sector are required to reduce the global use of antibiotics in feed.


In addition, there are clear problems at the EU level. Recently, use of alternative products that help to stabilise the gut microflora in animals has been presented. However, it is difficult to obtain regulatory approval for these feed additives. Since the  the scientific literature has shown that they could rather efficient promoting health, there is a problem to label them as feed additives. This is very contradictory and shows that there is a clear regulatory problem which adds to the challenges . Obviously, there is room for improvement at the regulatory level as well.

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Nacka 2017 av Ingemar Pongratz


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