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Fenix Scientific AB Consulting Activities

Fenix Scientific AB Consulting Activities

The consulting activities that are carried out have been collected under Pongratz Consulting. Pongratz Consulting provides support to different organizations in their efforts to attract public funding, in particular form the European Union.

In this area we have a long and well established track record of helping companies and Universities in different areas.

In contrast to many other services, Fenix Scientific consulting activities aim to provide expert advice under a flexible umbrella. We can support and provide advice under a consulting contract or alternatively we can join the project and help you with administration and communication. Depending on your needs we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

In addition, we can help companies with fundraising, both in Sweden and Internationally, and this in a wide variety of sectors.

We are strong believers of collaboration and we are always looking for experts. In this way we can help you in areas were other normally would turn you down. We can thus help you in your fundraising activities, we can help you with business plans and much more.

Our connections throughout Europe will thus prove very useful for your needs.

If you need more information please follow the following links to our consulting homepage Pongratz Consulting in English or Pongratz Consulting SE in Swedish where we have a more comprehensive description of our consulting services


Examples of Consulting Services

Examples of Consulting Services Fenix Scientific AB is based on two core activities, namely Life Science Research and Consulting services. The Consultancy services performed under Pongratz Consulting aim to identify, implement, and manage public funding to to support research. Fenix Scientific AB was established by Ingemar Pongratz 2011 and has extensive expertise to support clients …

Exempel på våra konsultjänster

Exempel på våra konsultjänster Fenix Scientific AB är ett forskningsintensivt företag inom Life Science området som även inkluderar en konsultverksamhet. Pongratz Consulting inom Fenix Scientific AB är ett konsultverksamhet som stödjer företag och organisationer att etablera sig inom Europeiskt forskning och erhålla EU-finansiering. Pongratz Consulting och Fenix Scientific AB  etablerades av Ingemar Pongratz 2012. Inom …