Fenix Scientific at Horizon 2020 event

Fenix Scientific at Horizon 2020 event

Ingemar Pongratz from Fenix Scientific AB will join the Horizon 2020 meeting:

European Brokerage Event for the H2020 “Health, demographic change and wellbeing”

This brokerage meeting will be organized by among other Enterprise Europe Network, Lyonpolis and other in Lyon. The brokerage event will take place July 4th 2014 and aims to establish contacts between researchers for new collaboration and EU funded project proposals for the Heath deadline of Horizon 2020 later in the fall of 2014.

Ingemar Pongratz will join the discussions which will provide both additional information regarding the coming Horizon 2020 calls and will also actively engage in both the panel discussions and in bilateral meeting with interested possible partners.

During this brokerage event, we will actively look for new projects where we will be able to join either as communication partners and thus exploit the large experience that we have in EU project communication and dissemination. In addition, we have already been contacted by partners to join and support the scientific activities of Horizon 2020 projects.

In this area the experience of Ingemar Pongratz in receptor biology will be part of different ongoing project proposals.

So if you are interested to discuss different possibilities please do not hesitate contact us. We are ready to support you apply for EU funds either from the Horizon 2020 funding scheme or from other schemes such as Eureka! Eurostars, for exmple

Please send us an email or alternatively use the contact form to send us an message, we are happy to organize a meeting either during the brokerage event in Lyon or by other means


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