Fenix Scientific AB Team Members

Fenix Scientific AB Team Members

FenixFenix Scientific AB is still a small company, however, our team is highly qualified and has many years of experience.

Fenix Scientific AB was founded by Ingemar Pongratz. Ingemar Pongratz is responsible for the EU related activities of the company and in addition he is strategically involved in the scientific activities of Fenix Scientific AB.

He is supported by Sofia Kuhn, who has a long and extensive career in EU project management and administration.

Katarina Petterson is also part of the Fenix Scientific team and will responsible for the daily research activities and is in addition also involve in the electronic activites undertaken by Fenix Scientific, such as scientific blogs, management of the webpages and much more. Katarina is currently working on SEO for scientific webpages as well.

Taken together we have extensive research experience coupled to communication and EU project management. We are therefore extremely well placed to support our customers in their activities.