Examples of Consulting Services

Examples of Consulting Services

Fenix Scientific AB is based on two core activities, namely Life Science Research and Consulting services. The Consultancy services performed under Pongratz Consulting aim to identify, implement, and manage public funding to to support research. Fenix Scientific AB was established by Ingemar Pongratz 2011 and has extensive expertise to support clients from all research disciplines in the difficult task of identifying, applying and managing EU funded projects.

We have been requested by several clients to provide additional information regarding our activities.

To accommodate this request we have prepared a downloadable file where we present some of the typical requests that we receive from different organizations that wish to collaborate with us. In general, these clients wish to Identify public and EU funding possibilities through participation in EU funded projects, or they wish to increase and optimize their presence and visibility in the European funding arena and want to plan and optimize their activity to establish themselves future partners in the EU Research Area.

If you are interested to obtain more information or if you need help in areas that are not described in the presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us. The presented list below is not comprehensive and will download as a PDF page.

More information is also available here.

In addition, if the request is outside our area of expertise, we can probably guide to other organization that can help you.

Please send us an email to:


Or use this link to reach the contact form. We will be happy to organize a meeting or telephone conference to discuss your ideas and needs.