Communication Services

Communication Services: Overview of the services that Fenix Scientific Provides

Fenix Scientific AB offers though Pongratz Consulting a full range of services in the area of Research Communication.

In this area we exploit the proven expertise of Ingemar Pongratz and of Sofia Kuhn as researchers and as communicators. In fact Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn are received the Communication Star Prize in 2011 for their achievements in EU project communication. This combination allows us to help you adapt your scientific message and to make sure you reach your audience using a language that is adapted to the fit the audience

Efficient Communication is an art which includes well thought design, communication of the scientific results using a language that suits the target group and much more. With our solid background in research and communication, Fenix Scientific AB is an excellent alternative for research intensive projects who need help to plan and implement their communication to different targets groups.

When you are planning your communication strategy, it is important to consider several aspects such as how will the research information that you transmit be perceived by the stakeholders or your audience, what is the knowledge level of your target group and many other other parameters. Therefore it is important to adapt your message so that the message fit the target groups and also to explain to the target groups what the benefits are

Fenix Scientific AB can help you in all of the different steps that you need to take when you are planning how to communication the research to the community.

In addition, we can provide practical support for researchers and research organizations when they are implementing their research communication activities, for example we can keep the your web-sites up to date and make sure that the project is visible in different areas.

We offer a wide range of services to help you communication you research, for example:

Social Media: We can help you plan your presence in different Social Media channels. We can help you update the different Social Media channels and make sure that the message fits the audience. We can help you with  your website to ensure that the information is always up to date. Frequent updates will help you increase your ranking in Google and other search engines and increase the visibility of the project. In addition, we work with Search Engine Optimization experts who can help you structure your media presence and maximize the impact of the project.

Film Documentaries: We collaborate with Lovisa Svensdotter, an expert TV producer, and offer you the possibility to present your research in TV format and/or Social Media format so that you can present your scientific achievements in documentary format.

Printed Material: We can help you prepare and present your research in printed material for example in a format suitable to be distributed in different meetings or conferences

Workshops: We can help you plan workshops and conferences and identify suitable speakers and stakeholders. We can also help you summarize the outcome of a meeting or workshop in a format suitable for further reading. If reuested by can also communicate with the stakeholders and help you establish a fruitful dialogue after the meeting

Communication: We can help you identify suitable target groups for your scientific activities and help you plan how to communicate with them, both through electronic platforms and through meetings and debates/discussion. It is important plan how to interact and to exchange news and information and truly engage in two-way communication to increase the impact of your project.

Project Management Tool: Fenix Scientific AB is currently developing a new dedicated project management tool specifically design to suit the needs of research projects in general and Horizon 2020 or other EU funded projects in particular. The novel E-project management tool will be specifically designed to meet the electronic communication activities of projects as well as support management and administration.

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