New Workshop “Rules and Administration in Horizon 2020”


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New Workshop “Rules and Administration in Horizon 2020”

Ingemar Pongratz, together with a collaboration partner based in Brussels, is developing a new Horizon 2020 workshop this time focused on the Rules and Administration of EU Funded projects.

The aim of this new workshop is provide information for Horizon 2020 project coordinators and project participants regarding the Administrative challenges that Horizon 2020 participants and coordinators will face both during the proposal negotiation and administration phase.

The workshop will also include a practical session where we will present and discuss possible challenges that are common during the implementation of EU funded projects, and also how to solve these challenges before they actually develop into real problems.

Currently, this workshop is available as an “In House” option. If you are interested that we provide this workshop for your organization please feel free to contact using the Contact Form, alternatively send us an email to:


We are also open to collaboration with organization if you would be  interested to provide the workshop as a joint effort between our different organizations.

So don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussions