Social Media and Horizon 2020

Social Media and Horizon 2020 Projects

Planning Social Media Presence in EU Funded Projects

Ingemar Pongratz and Sofia Kuhn can help EU funded projects such as Horizon 2020  to plan their communication activities and plan in advance how the project will interact with the community.

EU funded projects should plan their Social Media presence and view this as an important part of the project’s communication profile since Social Media can turn into and interesting and valuable communication channels for news and thus can provide several benefits for an EU funded project.

To be an effective news channels, Social Media presence needs to be well planned and executed. Projects should plan to frequently update the different Social Media profiles to ensure that the project received the attention from different audiences that are typical for different Social Networks.

Well planned and implemented, Social Media can function as an efficient channel to provide news about the scientific progress of your project and help you identify mainstream media channels for further collaboration.

In fact, the role that Social Media can play in EU funded activities has been studied by EU projects. For example the Reveal Project has developed  interesting tools to quickly verify the veracity of the information derived from different media channels ( Clearly, Social Media is considered an important channel of information and will represent a major source of EU project information.

In addition, frequent updates of Social Media channels will also lead to increased visibility of the project webpage in different search engines.  A well-planned and well executed Social Media Strategy will therefore lead to increased visibility in for example Google searches..

Clearly, there are many benefits to harvest from a well planned and performed Social Media Strategy.

Ingemar Pongratz and in particular Sofia Kuhn have extensive experience in using Social Media channels in EU funded activities. We can help you both plan and update your Social Media presence. With our background in research we can help you free many hours for your research activities in EU funded projects.

If you would like help in planning and updating your Social Media presence do not hesitate to contact us, either through the contact form or by email