Fenix Scientific AB Joins ALMI Global Incubator

Fenix Scientific AB Joins ALMI Global Incubator:

As we presented a few weeks ago we are very proud to inform that Fenix Scientific AB has been selected by the Swedish Global Incubator ALMI to join their B.I.G programme.

Fenix Scientific AB was established by Ingemar Pongratz and aims to develop and pursue the potential of Natural Compounds to treat different diseases condition and to secure Intellectual Property Rights using modern Biotechnology protocols that have proven successful in other areas of pharmaceutical development.

The potential that natural compounds represent has not been exploited  due to a number of different limitation however these limitations can by bypassed using modern technologies.

The scientific ideas that will represent the Core of Fenix Scientific AB were presented to ALMI and were selected to join the ALMI Incubator Programme: Business Incubator for Growth (BIG Sweden). The B.I.G programme aims to support early stage companies with the will and the potential to grow and develop new products or services which have the potential to become leaders in their fields.

ALMI and ALMI Invest support companies with advise, mentoring and connections to established expertise. In addition ALMI can provide financial support in the form of soft loans and contacts to risk capital both in Sweden and abroad.

Fenix Scientific AB is very pleased to have been selected and to join ALMI. We see this as a major milestone in the company development and as a possibility for the future.

If you want to hear more about the scientific ideas from Fenix Scientific AB or want to become involved please contact us using either the contact form or by sending us an email to:


Ingemar Pongratz Artipelagen

Ingemar Pongratz Artipelagen