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Ingemar Pongratz is Founder of Fenix Scientific AB. Ingemar Pongratz has succesful career in basic research and during his research career he developed extensive experience in EU funding.

Ingemar Pongratz research career and research accomplishments include 40 peer reviewed scientific articles, successful supervision of close to 15 Ph D students and post-docs and frequent participation in meetings and conferences as a speaker.

Ingemar Pongratz research was focused on characterization of the molecular biology of nuclear hormone receptors, in particular the estrogen receptors and the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). In these areas Ingemar Pongratz research provided key information regarding the crosstalk between these receptor proteins and on how environmental pollutants and chemical contaminants can interfere with hormonal signalling pathways.

Ingemar Pongratz has also extensive experience in EU funding and EU funded projects.

Ingemar Pongratz has attracted over 500 Million SEK  in projects to different organization and has participated in all aspects of EU projects, starting from the planning phase, administration and writing of the of the proposal and negotiation with the European Commission. In addition, Ingemar Pongratz has extensive experience in EU project implementation and EU project Communication.

Ingemar Pongratz has for example written the PATHFINDER proposal, which was selected as one of the finalist entries for the 2005 Descartes Prize for best Collaborative EU Funded Research. Ingemar Pongratz also received the 2011 Communication Star Prize for best EU project Communication.

This recognition is a result of a extensive studies of background information that is relevant for EU project implementation combined with a proactive strategy. In EU funded projects a key feature is to develop a strategic approach, identifying goals and objectives. Through this systemic approach, Ingemar Pongratz approach provides EU projects that excel in their results and provide considerable added value to the partners and the funding agencies.