New Communication Services

New Communication Services:

We are pleased to inform that Fenix Scientific can offer a new range of services within Project Communication.

The new communication services are offered through the Fenix Scientific subsidiary Pongratz Consulting and involves a newly established collaboration between Ingemar Pongratz and filmproducer Lovisa Svensdotter.

Lovisa Svensdotter has long and succesful experience in producing documentaries and film both for mainstream media formats and for Social Media outlets.

Her experience, coupled to the experience that Ingemar Pongratz has in research enable us to provide our client with the opportunity to test new communication services to our project communication portfolio, and include the the production of research documentaries. This opportunity to projects and projects coordinators


Producing films in a complex and time consuming undertaking and needs to be planned to be successful. It is also important to present the research using a message that fits the intended audience and in addition requires practical planning of the different steps that are necessary to produce the final product and to avoid uncessary delays and bottleneck and miss understandings in the message to the audience

Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting can hep you with the necessary planning and production and we can also support you in producing films and documentaries that are suited for different formates, such as mainstream media and/or Social Media outlets.

During the production process we will make sure that you involved in the key points of the production to ensure that you are comfortable with the developments and that the message that the film or the documentary provides to the audience is correct. In addition, we will provide advice on how to make sure that the film is adapted to the audience that you would like to reach.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contact Form (open is a new Tab) the so we can discuss how to support you and help you present your research using film formation. Please use the contact form or send us an email message.